Our Team

Judi & Caryn+ is a service-first residential real estate team, specializing in the communities where their roots and reputation run deep: Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac and the District of Columbia.

Let’s start with Judi & Caryn+

Judi is all about community. Long before she became a real estate professional, Judi became the local go-to person for making life in her community just a bit better for everyone. The same holds true today, but for a much larger circle of people: Judi’s many real estate clients cross the region. Whether trusting Judi with their most valuable investment or searching for a home that perfectly matches their needs and dreams, Judi’s clients know they can count on her to go all-out on their behalf. Her exceptional network of contractors efficiently maximizes a home’s value, and her street-by-street, school-by-school knowledge of communities connects buyers with the perfect home. Trained as a problem-solving physician, Judi matches sharp intelligence with an easy-going style, lots of smiles, and plenty of results. In fact, Judi has become one of the top-producing agents of Long & Foster of Bethesda, which does over a billion dollars of realestate transactions every year.

Caryn has earned the love of her clients and respect of her fellow agents because of her diligence, professionalism, industry savvy, honesty, personable demeanor and her thorough knowledge of all aspects of the buying/selling process. A native Marylander, Caryn grew up in Montgomery County where she attended high school before receiving her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan. Her background includes 11 years in the film industry before selling Real Estate in Los Angeles, CA. and relocating back to Montgomery County in 2005 where she continued her success in Real Estate. Raising 2 children, coaching soccer and a certified yoga instructor, Caryn brings her passion and compassion to families of all sizes whether it’s their first house or they are upsizing/downsizing. A seasoned Realtor, Caryn Gardiner is an unsurpassed representative for her clients, ensuring a positive outcome for clients in every transaction.

Judi & Caryn+ today

To better serve her large, loyal and growing client base, Judi has expanded her practice to include professionals equally committed to community, service and client success. She now brings clients the “+” of Sarah Casey. Sarah Casey is the team’s second-generation real estate pro, serving as a buyer’s agent for first-time homebuyers and older clients who are downsizing. Sarah also is in charge of making sure that all of the complex paperwork involved in home buying and selling transactions proceeds smoothly.

Because personal style and service are at the heart of Judi & Caryn+

… we invite you to get to know us and how we can make your home buying or selling experience more pleasant and rewarding.